Investment and financial consulting

Investment and financial consulting services help to evaluate the advisability of investing, ensure the financial viability and cost-effectiveness of the investment project.
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MTI Company provides all the necessary consulting services for the investment projects:
  • investment consulting
  • financial consulting
  • consulting services for the foreign investors
  • work in the Board of Directors as independent director
  • comprehensive support for the agricultural projects (from the choice of sectors for investment to entering the stable operation)
The company has an extensive network of partners that allows us to offer our Clients intelligent solutions also in the field of engineering, technology and financing.

MTI - a professional approach
in the field of investment!

MTI is an expert in the field of investment and financial consulting. The company has practical experience and renders provides comprehensive services in support of projects at the pre-investment and investment phase.

Core competencies of the company are concentrated in the sectors of agriculture, food processing industry and include the full range of services from the choice of investment field to the entering the stable operation of the project.


CEO MTI Company is Mr. Vladimir Volkov

A professional consultant, an expert in the field of investing


A degree of Executive Master of Business Administration

Diploma in Engineering

Professional experience

Worked for the Board of directors of a number of medium-sized Russian companies and state-owned companies.

Starting from the 1990s Vladimir Volkov worked in private sector as CEO and co-owner of a number of Russian enterprises in the field of food industry and agriculture.
Since 2005 Mr.Volkov has been professionally working in the sphere of investment and financial consulting, his practical experience has been enhanced by the work of the public service.
From 2009 to 2015 Vladimir Volkov held senior positions in the executive branch of the Penza region government in the investment and agricultural unit. He was personally responsible for the development and implementation of the regional investment strategy, including investment marketing of the region, as well as work with specific investors.
Mr. Volkov specializes in the fields of strategic planning, investment and financial analysis, crisis management, investor relations, has extensive experience in consulting activity.


+7 (903) 323-98-71

Industry experience

MTI Company specializes mainly in comprehensive support of projects in the sectors of agriculture, food and processing industry during the pre-investment and investment phase.

The specialists of the company act as professionals in marketing and finance, helping clients to find a common language with the financial and government institutions, as well as to avoid errors in planning the investment budget.

Among company's projects are large-scale projects in various stages in the field of dairy cattle breeding, greenhouse farming, potato production and processing, horticulture, production of snacks and baked goods, beverages, etc.

The company currently provides consulting support for the projects with the participation of the Turkish capital, operating on the territory of the Penza region.

Investment consulting
Financial consulting
Complex support of the agricultural investment projects
Foreign markets (Turkey, China)

Investment consulting

In the context of investment consulting specialists of MTI Company provide for the clients a range of services for long-term capital investment in promising projects for the business to reach the level of sustainable development and maximize profits in the further sale of the product on the market.

Investment consulting services include: 

  • market assessment
  • investment priorities selection
  • investment strategy developing
  • marketing reports preparation
  • business-planning
  • investment efficiency evaluation

Financial consulting

Fundraising plays a crucial role in the implementation of any investment project. MTI Company provides a full range of financial advisory services for the Clients, from the choice and validation of methods of the investment ideas financing to attracting the necessary amount of money for the implementation of the project.  MTI Company works with standard sources of financing, such as bank loans or leasing operations, as well as with private equity funds, strategic investors, the state support funds etc.

Financial consulting services include: 

  • finance structuring
  • recommendations on selection of the funding sources
  • searching for partners of the investment project
  • debt funding attracting
  • state funding attracting

Complex support of the agricultural investment projects

MTI Company experts possess practical experience in support  of the investment projects in the sectors of agriculture, food and processing industry.

Complex support of the agricultural investment projects includes:

  • selection and justification of the investment attractive industry
  • development of the optimal mechanism of the investment project realization
  • engineering and production technology selection
  • audit of the existing forms of state support for the project

Foreign markets (Turkey, China)

MTI Company possesses real business contacts in China and Turkey's business environment and is ready to provide services for the Clients to find and attract foreign partners. In addition, the company provides service of the market entry communication strategy regarding the Chinese and Turkish markets.

28 Avtomobilistov st., Bogoslovka village, Penza region, Russia, 440528